New Book: Data Management in R


My new book “Data Management in R: A Guide for Social Scientists” is now in print and is announced by SAGE to appear on 26 December 2020, right on time for Boxing Day!

Supporting material can be found on the page “Data Management in R: A Guide for Social Scientists”.

Updated on 06 January 2021

The supporting material now contains a complete set of Jupyter notebooks. Rendered notebooks can be viewed on this website as well as on NBviewer. The notebooks can also be run on mybinder, although I would ask not to overuse the resources provided by this free service. Anyway, we should gratefully acknowledge that this service is provided.

Updated on 02 April 2021

The rendered notebooks shown on this website now have links to interactive notebooks on instead of Building the images on mybinder used to take inconveniently long, so a “local” approach is taken. However, to access the interactive notebooks you will have to log in using your ORCID credentials. This is meant as a measure of security and to avoid overuse.