latpos_restrictions manifestos 0.8

Specify and Implement Restrictions on the Location Parameters


restrictor creates a linear transformation that maps a small set of linearly unrestriced parameters to a larger set of linearly restricted parameters. specifies a call to restrictor in which only the specified parameters are allowed to differ from zero.





The matrix involved in the linear restriction \(C\alpha=d\).


The vector involved in the linear restriction \(C\alpha=d\).


The number of significant digits to use for rounding to compensate finite machine precision in computing the QR decomposition.


several character vector arguments. Each character vector corresponds to one of the axes of the latent space, and each character string in a vector corresponds to the name of a policy objective that can obtain coordinate values different from zero.


The values of these functions are for internal use only.

If \(C\alpha=d\) then \(\alpha=Q\phi+r\). The function restrictor returns a list with the elements “reduction” (which equals \(Q\)) and “offset” (which equals \(r\))

The function returns a function that generates arguments \(C\) and \(d\) with which the restrictor is called inside of the function latpos.