memisc 0.97 released

Version 0.97 of package memisc has been released to CRAN.

New features

  • spss.system.file and spss.portable.file gain a tolower= argument that defaults to TRUE, which allows to change annoying all-upper-case variable names to lower case
  • New generic function Iconv() that allows to change the character enconding of variable descriptions and value labels. It has methods for “data.set”, “importer”, “item”, “annotation”, and “value.label” objects.
  • There is now a method of as.character() for “codebook” objects and a convenience function Write() with methods for “codebook” and “description” to make it more convenient to direct the output of codebook() and description() into text files.
  • A method for “merMod” objects of the getSummary() generic function. mtable() now should be able (again) to handle estimation results produced by lmer() and glmer() from package “lme4”.
  • recode() handles character vectors in a more convenient way: They are converted into factors with sorted unique values (after recoding) as levels.

User-visible changes

  • getSummary.expCoef() is renamed into getSummary_expCoef().


  • S3 method aggregate.formula() has been removed from the package to avoid clash with method of the same name in the base package. The function Aggregate() can be used instead.
  • Removed include(), uninclude(), and detach.sources() as these are flagged as modifying the global namespace.