New memisc release facilitates checking your data


A new release of my package memisc has been published on CRAN. The new release has the following improvements:

mtable() results now include a legend for significance symbols.

A codeplan() function creates a data frame that describes the structure of an "importer" or "data.set" object. Such “codeplans” can be used to copy the “item structure” or code plan from one object to another.

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Measuring Democracy: How indices are affected by their institutional origins


An article entitled “Method Factors in Democracy Indicators” just has appeared in Politics and Governance. It analyses the degree to which democracy indicators are influenced by the orginisation that created them. It shows that the origin of indicators in particular affects the detection of change in regimes.

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How ideologies and ideological thinking shape electoral behaviour


A handbook chapter on “Ideology and Electoral Choice” has appeared in The Routledge Handbook of Elections, Voting Behavior and Public Opinion.

It discusses various conceptions of ideology – from the history of ideas to (social) psychology and the empirical evidence about the influence of ideological orientations on voting behaviour.

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How religiosity and religious denomination affects electoral behaviour


The Sage Handbook of Electoral Behaviour, contains a contribution of the role of relgion in shaping electoral behaviour, authored by Sigrid Roßteutscher and me is now available from Sage Publications.

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Social structure and the decline in electoral turnout in Germany 1994–2013


German Politics published an article with the title “Social Cleavages and Electoral Behaviour in Long-Term Perspective: Alignment without Mobilisation?” as part of a special issue of the German Bundestag election of 2013.

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mclogit 0.4 published on CRAN


A new version 0.4 of package mclogit has been published on CRAN, which adds a few new features to the previously published version.

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