A simple example for the usage of the tm package

The following makes use of the tm package. You may need to install it from CRAN using the code install.packages("tm") if you want to run this on your computer. (The package is already installed on the notebook container, however.)

# Activating the 'tm' package
Lade nötiges Paket: NLP

# We activate the 'acq' data, a corpus of 50 example news articles

Metadata:  corpus specific: 0, document level (indexed): 0
Content:  documents: 50

# We take a look at the first element in the corpus, a text document:

[1] "PlainTextDocument" "TextDocument"


Metadata:  15
Content:  chars: 1287

Metadata:  15
Content:  chars: 1287
Computer Terminal Systems Inc said
it has completed the sale of 200,000 shares of its common
stock, and warrants to acquire an additional one mln shares, to
<Sedio N.V.> of Lugano, Switzerland for 50,000 dlrs.
    The company said the warrants are exercisable for five
years at a purchase price of .125 dlrs per share.
    Computer Terminal said Sedio also has the right to buy
additional shares and increase its total holdings up to 40 pct
of the Computer Terminal's outstanding common stock under
certain circumstances involving change of control at the
    The company said if the conditions occur the warrants would
be exercisable at a price equal to 75 pct of its common stock's
market price at the time, not to exceed 1.50 dlrs per share.
    Computer Terminal also said it sold the technolgy rights to
its Dot Matrix impact technology, including any future
improvements, to <Woodco Inc> of Houston, Tex. for 200,000
dlrs. But, it said it would continue to be the exclusive
worldwide licensee of the technology for Woodco.
    The company said the moves were part of its reorganization
plan and would help pay current operation costs and ensure
product delivery.
    Computer Terminal makes computer generated labels, forms,
tags and ticket printers and terminals.

# We take a look at the document metadata

  author       : character(0)
  datetimestamp: 1987-02-26 15:18:06
  description  :
  id           : 10
  language     : en
  origin       : Reuters-21578 XML
  topics       : YES
  lewissplit   : TRAIN
  cgisplit     : TRAINING-SET
  oldid        : 5553
  places       : usa
  people       : character(0)
  orgs         : character(0)
  exchanges    : character(0)


  contributor: character(0)
  coverage   : character(0)
  creator    : character(0)
  date       : 1987-02-26 15:18:06
  format     : character(0)
  identifier : 10
  language   : en
  publisher  : character(0)
  relation   : character(0)
  rights     : character(0)
  source     : character(0)
  subject    : character(0)
  type       : character(0)

Downloadable R script and interactive version


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Above you see a rendered version of the Jupyter notebook.5


For more information about Jupyter see http://jupyter.org. The Jupyter notebooks make use of the RKernel package.


For more information about Docker see https://docs.docker.com/. The container images were created with repo2docker, while containers are run with docker spawner.


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