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New memisc release improves compatibility with RStudio and “tidyverse”


Release has been published on CRAN. It improves the way the package interoperates with RStudio and “tidyverse”. In particular:

A function view() provides a generic interface to the GUI function View() in base R and RStudio. It makes it possible to extend it to data objects of the classes “data.set”, “codeplan”, “descriptions”, and “importer”.

A method for “data.set” objects allows to transfer these objects more easiliy into the “tidyverse”, i.e. facilitates the use of functions from these package ecosystem on data sets imported or created with memisc. An as_haven() function translates “data.set” objects into “tibbles” with that extra information that the “haven” package adds to “tibbles” imported with the help of that package. This should allow to view and post-process data imported with memisc more or less the same way as if the data were imported with “haven”.

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New memisc release facilitates checking your data


A new release of my package memisc has been published on CRAN. The new release has the following improvements:

mtable() results now include a legend for significance symbols.

A codeplan() function creates a data frame that describes the structure of an "importer" or "data.set" object. Such “codeplans” can be used to copy the “item structure” or code plan from one object to another.

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memisc 0.99 published on CRAN


A new version 0.99 of package memisc has been published on CRAN, which adds a few new features to the previously published version.

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memisc 0.97 released


Version 0.97 of package memisc has been released to CRAN.

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